ADAC experts have recognized that electrocars are not profitable


German company ADAC Research has shown that not everything is so simple with the integration of electric vehicles into our daily lives.

The main drawback of the car - not a very efficient use of energy, much of which is spent to move its own weight of the car. And the change into electrical power only exacerbates this problem.Electrical engine is not absolutely eco-frieindly and requires heavy and powerful batteries, high charge currents and frequent stops for recharging. In the frame of the current technological capabilities men should focus primarily on small-sized vehicles for short movements within the boundaries of the village. It fully meets the existing demand for travel. According to statistics

Bicycle transport institute n.a. M.Walvius have got statistic, that even in such big city like Moscow, up to 35% of trips done over short distances that do not exceed 5-7 km, and more than 80% of all trips are individual, ie, to move just one person. The cost of electric vehicles, which are in use today, greatly exceeds the price of the ICE-car. And it can`t promote the wide and rapid dissemination (see further.

All this proves once again that it is necessary to change the strategy of development of transport mobility in cities. Only the compact and energy-efficient personal vehicles will be in the near future, the main public transport.

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